The house

Life is really unpredictable. If years ago someone had told us we would end up living here, at Urbino, in a totally isolated farmhouse in the hills, we would have never believed it.

Not that we didn’t like the idea. But as most people do, we used to think that dreams seldom come true. And if you find yourself “trapped” in a big city as we did, getting out of it is not an easy task.

Then, at a certain point in our life, we just realized that the time had come for us to move, and incredible as it may seem, after only three months we found ourselves immersed in a totally new life.
It just happened that, while travelling around chasing for “something special”, we ended up in this place and immediately fell in love with it.

The farmhouse was just a ruin, but we could feel it was “alive” and had a soul. It was fun to imagine it completely rebuilt and set ready for it’s new mission as a warm and cosy place for hospitality purposes.
Then there was the surroundings: an utterly breathtaking sequence of slopes, hills and meadows stretching as far as our eyes could see. Even today, this spectacular view keeps filling our eyes and heart with a feeling of pure joy. You would never get tired of admiring the passing of seasons, with their ever-changing sequence of marvellous colours and smells, something virtually impossible to be realized – and even less valued – by “citizens” living in an urban environment.

The design of the new house is the result of our own efforts and creativity. Most of the old building’s material has been selected and recovered, literally “with our hands”. Hard work, yes, but the feeling of joy and accomplishment at the end of it was absolutely priceless.


Breakfast is included in the price and is served in the panoramic restaurant with veranda, inundated with sun in summer, or wrapped up in a very cosy and warm atmosphere by the romantic open fireplace in winter. On summer breakfast can also be served outside.

Besides hot drinks, juices and yogurts, special care is taken to offer a wide array of home made products: biological jams (mulberry jams in particular) pies, plum cakes, yogurt pies, simple or stuffed doughnuts, biscuits and much more.

Our natural, homemade cuisine reflects the typical local tradition, but it also heavily draws on other Italian regions and particularly on the Neapolitan tradition, leading to unusual and sometimes daring yet always delightful and highly appreciated dishes.

Coeliac and vegetarian cuisine is also available.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is splendidly situated on a level plateau with a spectacular view of the wild and uncontaminated valley underneath.
The pool area features one bathroom, two showers, and is equipped with deckchairs, a swing hanging from a tree, tables and chairs both in the shade and in the sun. The whole pool area is fenced off to strangers.