Is my dog allowed to walk around leash-free? The farm house is a 70-acre property nested in a park, so dogs have lots of space to walk around totally undisturbed. As for the immediate surroundings of the house, dogs can only walk around leash-free if all other guests do not object. This limitation is clearly

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Yes, there is about 1 mile of dirt road. However, it is kept in perfect order with no holes or dangers of any kind, so our structure is very easy to reach.


Is there a parking spot at Il Biroccio? Yes, there is a free parking spot with a wooden shed.  


By what time do I have to arrive, and by what time do I have to leave the room? You can arrive from 3.30pm till late evening. In case you foresee a late evening arrival, please just let us know. The check-out time is 10:00am of the departure day.

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What recreational activities does Il Biroccio offer? Besides enjoying all the amenities and services provided at Il Biroccio, there are many places of historical and naturalistic interest in the area. Sport lovers can indulge in jogging, running, Nordic walking, or have tours in mountain bike (also guided tours, see the “Services” section.)