The restaurant will be open on Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings upon reaching a minimum number of 6 guests. Booking is required. The cost of dinner is €28 per person, beverages are not included. We all have dinner together, under the gazebo or inside the veranda, from where you can enjoy a spectacular view!


Che il Campo della Pieve, a S. Angelo in Vado, conservasse nel suo sottosuolo una cospicua porzione dell’abitato della città romana di Tifernum Mataurense, era cosa nota ormai da diversi anni, da quando cioè una fortunata serie di fotografie aeree avevano mostrato con non frequente evidenza un fitto e articolato tessuto di strutture sepolte. Tale

2 giugno 2015

WARNING! If you make your way to Il Biroccio from the South of Italy ( Naples, Rome, etc.) and use GOOGLE MAPS as a GPS system, please be aware that once you get to URBANIA , Google Maps might provide incorrect instructions on how to reach Il Biroccio. THE CORRECT ROUTE TO TAKE IS THE

Tour Aziendale numero 1

Guided farm and winery tours with wine tasting at the Azienda Agraria Guerrieri. During your stay at Il Biroccio, we warmly suggest you to visit the Azienda Agraria Guerrieri, which is only 40 minutes away by car, and enjoy the opportunity to have a first hand look at how some delicious products of this area


Pietro della Francesca (Piero di Benedetto de’ Franceschi) pittore e matematico, nato a Borgo Sansepolcro 1416/1417, morto a Borgo Sansepolocro il 12 ottobre del 1492, seguace del Perugino, Luca Signorelli, Melozzo da Forlì. Tra le personalità più emblematiche del Rinascimento italiano, esponente della seconda generazione di pittori-umanisti, intellettuale, maestro della luce, dei simboli e della


 WATERCOLOR PAINTING WORKSHOP AT THE COUNTRY HOUSE IL BIROCCIO with Silvia De Bastiani FROM ….TO …. The Country House il Biroccio offers the possibility of combining a holiday on its premises with a course on watercolour painting en plein air with the painter Silvia De Bastiani. The course is aimed at those who practice watercolour


The wonderful Province… In the last years a certain number of breweries came to life throughout the territory of Pesaro and Urbino, with their brand quickly becoming widely known and recognised both in Italy and around the world. The Pesaro/Urbino Province, in collaboration with the “Made in PU” Cultural Association and the “Apecchio Città della

The ideal setting fo Nording Walking All lovers of this beautiful discipline can start their adventurous tour straight fom the farm house and walk for miles and miles along the many paths and dirt roads that unravel up and down the hills all around. Ideal for all seasons          


The title of the article is “The Power of Dreams”, and all our friends know very well how this power is exactly what drove us to leave Milan 13 years ago and start a new adventure in our life in this wonderful place. But just don’t take our words for it. Come and see for

[it]La rinascita del BiroccioThe Biroccio renaissance

Yes, this is the very first picture of our farmhouse, taken in March 2002 when we saw it for the first time. It was a rainy day, and the house did not look so fascinating. But, as it always happens when you “feel” you have finally found what you were looking for, we loved it