WARNING!!! People who drive to Il Biroccio using Google Maps as a GPS system might get wrong route information.

Saturday, 29 October 2016 / Published in FAQ, News

2 giugno 2015WARNING!

If you make your way to Il Biroccio from the South of Italy ( Naples, Rome, etc.) and use GOOGLE MAPS as a GPS system, please be aware that once you get to URBANIA , Google Maps might provide incorrect instructions on how to reach Il Biroccio.


From URBANIA, take the route 73bis to Urbino/Peglio (Do NOT take the Urbino/Fermignano route).

Once you get to the junction with Peglio, do NOT follow the route towards Peglio. Instead, keep driving along the route 73bis to Urbino.

After 6 kilometers you will get to the junction with PIEVE DI CAGNA (SP 66). Follow the route SP66 for 4 kilometers until you see the Country House Il Biroccio sign. Turn to the left and take the unpaved road for about 1.5 kilometers following the signs until you get to our gate!

Guests who use their car’s in-built GPS system or an external GPS device (Tom-Tom, etc.) should not experience this problem.