This is how our place looked like in 2002, before it was refurbished and transformed in the Il Biroccio Country House.

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biroccio1-9Yes, this is the very first picture of our farmhouse, taken in March 2002 when we saw it for the first time. It was a rainy day, and the house did not look so fascinating. But, as it always happens when you “feel” you have finally found what you were looking for, we loved it straight away. We immediately realized the endless potential and opportunities this place offered, and started to fancy how we could bring it to new life and transform it in our new home as well as an attractive and cosy accommodation facility.

The plastered part (in white) was liveable and built with good quality material. We partially changed it to get more light and space, but basically the house has remained pretty much the same. At a first glance we thought it was composed of two separate buildings, but then we realized it was just one big structure, with it’s central part broken down and no trace of its internal walls. Later we found out that the original wall stones had been used to build some fences around the property.


31After only 3 months, in June 2002 we left Milan and moved here. We chose two dogs from the municipal shelter and we started our new life!

First Winter (2003)

It took 1 year before we got all the permissions needed to start the refurbishing work, but in the meanwhile we arranged and organized so many other things… In March 2003 the building work started, and we made sure to save as much material as possible from the old house. It was a time of exhausting work, lots of new things to learn, so much laugh and endless back pain…. Not exactly the same thing as working in an office for sure!



All the materials from the old house have been recovered and stored for later reuse.


Men at work!

A brief lunch break… and then back at work till dusk!

We were luck indeed! From March till June 2003 we never had a single day of rain, so we could work at a speedy pace and things proceeded smoothly.

After a few months our new house was done. YEEEAAAA!!!

Immagine 006

What an incredible emotion!

Honestly, the outside of the house, with no grass whatsoever, didn’t look so great. However, all the material from the old house has been actually reused for the coating and roof of the house.

The saved material was so much that we were even able to build a pathway all around the house.

After a while, this is how our house looked. We just needed to wait a bit of time for the grass to grow. With lots of green all around, it’s a totally different view, isn’t it?


Immagine 003

And here we are:

Eugenio, Antonella and Gianni, all joyfull and happy!

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