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Fate is really unforseeble.

Had we been told, years ago, that we would end up here in Urbino, living in a totally isolated farmhouse encircled by hills, we would have never believed it. Not that we didn’t like the idea, but we all know that dreams rarely come true, and when you live “caged” in a big city, getting out of it can be a really difficult task.
And instead, against all odds, this is exactly what happened to us: at a certain point in our life we simply decided that the time was now ripe for change, and within only three months we had a fresh new start to our life.

It happened that, while searching for something suitable, we found this place, and immediately fell in love with it.

The landscapes here are a true nourishment for ones eyes, and year after year one never tires of watching and marvelling at the changing of the seasons, something that people who live in a city can’t even imagine. And then the colours… the explosion of yellow in June, with the blooming brooms, or the breathtaking view of the hills coloured in shining red, organge and gold in autumn.

Whenever you come here, you should never forget to bring your camera with you.

And what can we say about the farmhouse?

The first time we saw it, it was little more than an old ruin. But we could feel it was “authentic”, we clearly sensed it had a pulsing soul, and we became ravished at the idea of what a beautiful place it could become once renovated.

The renovation project is totally fruit of own our creativity.

We have personally attended to the selection and re-use of the previous house materials. It was a very laborious endeavour, whose result can most appropriately be defined  as the “fruit of our own hands”. But the pride we feel from what we have realized is priceless.

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