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Do you have questions or concerns? In our following section you will find frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers.

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Guests of all nationalities, sexualities and religions are welcome at Il Biroccio! We attach great importance to all guests of the country house to find a relaxing place to enjoy their time in a relaxed atmosphere of mutual respect.

Attention: If you use Google (Maps) as your navigation system, be aware that there may be erroneous directions. It is best to call us for more information.

It depends on the motorcycle and your riding experience. From the main road you have to drive 1.5 km of dirt road with curves and slopes, so it could be a challenge with a conventional motorcycle or driving/racing bike.

Yes, we have reserved a parking space at Il Biroccio for each of our guests. So you can safely park your vehicle at any time. There are no additional fees.

It is not allowed to bring dogs inside the pool area, however, if you want to keep your furry friend close, know that starting this year we have set up a special area for you! This is a small area, slightly separated from the others, where you will find lounge chairs. Remember that within this space your dog must always remain tied up.

Absolutely, yes! In Fano, 50 km from the country house Il Biroccio, you will find Animalido, a free beach equipped for animals, with all the facilities to enjoy the day at the beach with your four-legged friend!

Dogs have plenty of room to run around completely undisturbed; they can also run freely without a leash in the entire outdoor area available to guests. Be careful that other guests are not disturbed by your dog or that there is someone who is afraid of dogs. Please keep in mind that in addition to our dog (Sun), other guests’ dogs may also be in the facility.

You can book our Italian breakfast with homemade cake for € 12 per person per day. Please ask for availability when booking.
IMPORTANT: Lunch is not offered!
As for dinner, we occasionally organize 2 to 3 dinners per week, depending on the number of guests. We take reservations on a case by case basis. The cost is 35 € for meat dishes, 40 € for the theme dinner (100% natural) and 45 € for the fish dish. Drinks not included.

The dinners are exclusively for the guests present in the facility the time is usually 20:30 – 21:00. We all eat together and the menu is the same for everyone. If possible, a single table is formed, and we from the family also eat with the guests.

The cuisine is homemade, and the menu is created daily and cooked fresh the same day. Special attention is paid to the raw materials, which must always be of the highest quality. Before booking a dinner, please inform us if you are vegetarian, vegan, celiac, intolerant, etc.

All of our apartments have fully equipped kitchens for self-catering (NO oven and NO dishwasher).

We always recommend our guests to do their shopping immediately before their arrival, since our country house is in the middle of nature and the first town is 10 km away. In Urbino and Urbania there are supermarkets, bars, restaurants and everything you need. The supermarkets are open all day and are open even on Sunday morning

After the Country House, a dirt road leads further into the valley, where other dirt roads intersect for miles, and hardly anyone passes by. All nature lovers have the opportunity to walk without having to drive to other places.

The country house Il Biroccio is ideal for those looking for a place surrounded by nature, without cars or paved roads, without noise, without smog, only with wild animals, hills, woods and cultivated fields as far as the eye can see. The property is located on a hill and offers a magnificent panoramic view. It is not a place for those who expect to find stores and restaurants around the corner.

Besides what Il Biroccio offers you, you can visit many places of extraordinary artistic and natural interest. If you love sports, you can go walking, running, Nordic walking, go on a mountain bike tour (also with an expert guide), get a relaxing Ayurvedic massage, do yoga or meditation, go horseback riding at the Eden riding school, visit a winery and/or a brewery, and much more! On the website you will find a variety of suggestions.

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