Urbino and the Cities of Books Festival X Edition, from 3 to 5 May 2024

The Portico Paolo Volponi is confirmed as the space dedicated to the Urbino school of illustration and editorial graphics. A long gallery offers illustrated books and book projects created by artists and graphic designers who trained in Urbino.

On the centenary of Paolo Volponi’s birth, the Portico named after him is transformed into an open-air exhibition of what the Urbino Book School has produced on the work of the Urbino writer. From volumes with engraved illustrations and handcrafted bindings, created over the years, to the new edition of the Cantonate di Urbino with engravings by Renato Bruscaglia, a project created for the 10th edition of the Festival. From the new original engravings in intaglio, xylography and lithography, dedicated to his poems, to the postcards and t-shirts created as cultural communication products, up to the illustration projects for the novel The Road to Rome.

The Portico also hosts Sulla pelle del ramarro. The covers in artisanal art technique of the students of the Book School for Paolo Volponi’s The Green Lizard, paper and glue posters with words and images of covers for Volponi’s first collection of poems, read the program and other info.

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