Pet Sitter

If you wish, you can book a dog sitting service or the services of a dog educator.

If you would like to be supported during your holiday with your dog at the Agriturismo, you can ask Eugenio, a dog trainer, for assistance.

While enjoying your holiday with your dog you may have the need, or the desire, to spend a few hours without having to take care of your pet, perhaps because you wish to visit the Ducal Palace in Urbino where, for example, dogs are not allowed.

Depending on his availability, Eugenio can take care of your four-legged friend in various ways: walks, play activities and exercises. Empathy, attention, patience and above all good physical shape are essential to take care of your dog because there is no more fun physical exercise than running after a dog that wants to play!

Rate: 15 € per hour.

The dog trainer is the person who is able tounser Hund act as an intermediary in the relationship between man and dog, helping to properly manage the relationship between man and his four-legged friend. To achieve a result, the presence of both is indispensable.

Rate: 25 € for the time needed for a consultation.

Eugenio +39 333 7481136

We are on and have received the SuperDogwelcome® Certificate, the first in Italy dedicated to truly pet friendly facilities!

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