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In this corner of paradise, yoga and meditation sessions are organised on request, ideal for recharging and rediscovering oneself.

The Country House il Biroccio organizes yoga and meditation sessions. Master Giovanni Govardhan Cini began practicing Transcendental Meditation with Master Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and learning advanced “Sidhi” techniques. He made a trip to India and stayed in the ashram of the Avatar Master Sri Sathya Sai Baba, where he learned various meditation techniques and attended the “Human Values” school of Yogananda, where he also began to practice Kriya Yoga.

He studied the “Ramtao” school of life with Master Ovid and lived part of his life surrounded by nature, in the woods, learning its language. He studied the meditations of Master Osho, attended shamanic courses, studied radiesthesia with Master Mario Totti, earned a Reiki master’s degree and embraced Ayurvedic philosophy. He was initiated into meditation by the monk Dada Krsnananda.

Our meetings are for those who want to pause in silence to find themselves in listening to the Self. We offer the possibility to be guided in spiritual practices of different duration, mainly according to the Yodica modality.

In addition to yoga meetings for all, we also offer yoga in pregnancy, yoga in old age, yoga and chakras, yoga therapy, the Tibetan Five and meditation.

You can book your yoga and meditation session in advance via email/phone or directly on-site when you are here at Biroccio. Each session lasts about 60 minutes and can vary depending on the type.

Yoga and meditation courses are organized throughout the year.

Group sessions: – 1 to 3 persons 25 € per person – more than 4 people 20 € per person.
Individual sessions: 60 € per person for yoga therapy.

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