Ayurvedic massage

Enjoy a pleasant Ayurvedic massage and different types of treatments in your flat!

Treatments for your well-being that Master Giovanni Govardhan Cini,upon reservation, will perform directly in your apartment.

The Master offers different treatments: ayurvedic massage, relaxing, metamorphic, reflexology, trigger points, reiki, chakra rebalancing, dowsing, ayurvedic face-body mask, everyone, according to their needs, chooses the most appropriate and effective one for their well-being.

Treat yourself to a moment of absolute well-being, allow your mind to regenerate so that you are ready to face work, home, family and friends at your best.

Take advantage of the time you spend on vacation to give your body the attention we often forget to offer because we are too caught up in the passage of time.

50-minute treatments

Relaxing and de-stressing massage € 80
Ayurvedic Treatment € 80
Reflexology € 80
Trigger points € 80
Reiki € 80
Chakra Rebalancing € 80
Radiesthesia € 70
Ayurvedic face-body mask € 80

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